Our philosophy is to live lightly on the land and in harmony with nature. In an increasingly uncertain world, we aim to provide positive messages and practical solutions for dynamic, creative change.

The most important thing for us is vegetarian food.

We are family friendly and encourage a chilled, relaxed campsite.

We operate a low noise policy after 10pm at night to respect fellow campers. No electronic music permitted (singing and acoustic music is fine!).

If you bring your dog, please make sure that he is not bothering our animals or any of the other guests.

Please do not leave any rubbish behind!

We seperate our rubbish into:

– metalls (aluminium, copper, iron)

– glas

– plastic und materials, that cause poisones fumes when burnt

– biodegradable waste  for compost

Througuout the farm we planted and are still planting a wide variety of native and non native edible plants.