Children´s vacation and school retreats

Children’s vacation on the Ziegelhof-farm

We offer vacation on the farm for children between the ages of 8 and 14, with the main focus on  learning how to live responsible within nature and with the animals.

On our farm children can make the acquaintance of many different animals: cats, sheep, dog and chicken. They learn a lot about their behaviour, their needs and  how to keep them healthy and happy.

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We will take a hike to the „God’s Stone“ (an old Celt´s place) and make an excursion to the swimming pool in Strasice or to the nice lakes in the region.

We can splash in the brook, help to take care of the animals, try our luck on making bread and cheese and in the evening,  we can sit by the campfire and tell jokes or creepy stories.

But above all we want to support the children´s own ideas and creativity.

The children (max. 8 children) are accommodated in cabins and are under constant supervision. Vegetarian meals and sugarfree drinks are included.

Price for 1 week:  265,- €

Reservations and questions by e-mail to:  

or by telephone: 00420 605074083

School retreats

Children are curious and want to learn. Teachers would like to teach effectively. School retreats can help to practice social learning skills outside the classroom setting. To live together closely for a week or two, to help each other in a new environment, the pupils will gain new trust for themselves and also to their fellow classmates. This can surely contribute to a positive learning climate.

The setting and furnishing of the Ziegelhof are perfect for a school retreat. Under the menu point “Furnishing and Prices” you will find more information.

Several excursions are possible, e.g. canoeing on the Otawa, hiking to the Celt’s place „God’s stone“, swimming  in the pool in Strasice or in the nearby lakes.

The pupils can also help to take care of the animals, milk the sheep, make cheese, bake bread, collect and make firewood or help in the garden.